Keep fit & have fun with Marlins!

Marlins is a friendly, non-competitive swimming club for children and young people. There is no minimum age when you can join, but typically children start at age 6 and go to age 18.

We provide the opportunity for young swimmers to improve their swimming skills and to keep fit.

Marlins are members of the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) and abide by their rules and all teachers hold a minimum of Level 1 with at least 3 teachers holding Level 2.

We are also an official Swim 21 Club

Please do not just turn up for a trial as you need to have been invited first.

If you just turn up, the poolside staff will turn you away.

Where and When?


Monday evening - 7pm to 9pm

First Session - 7pm to 8pm
Second Session - 8pm to 9pm

Which session you are in depends on your ability assessed by the coaches (subject to the waiting list)

Hawthorns School

Wednesday evening - 7:30pm - 8:30pm

The Hawthorns session is open to anyone who applies (subject to the waiting list).

At present there is just one sessions which is available to all members.

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